≪ Tea ≫

Marumo Mori Genmaicha THE ONE
Set up in 1877, by 1 of Japan’s top 2 tea appraisers - Mr Nobuki Mori, savour this rare gem for an unmatched taste experience from Shizuoka, Japan’s best tea garden. 100g, $7.00

≪ Wasabi ≫

Kameya Food Wasabi Mayo
When you’ve tried the real deal, you’d never want to switch back. Notoriously tricky to grow, and costly to produce even in Japan, wasabi demand outstrips supply. 140g, $6.00

≪ Shochu ≫

Tsutsumi Brewery Purple Sweet Potato Shochu
Since 1878, Tsutsumi Brewery has been creating master pieces in Kyushu, the most famous region for shochu. 720ml, $48.00

≪ Nuts ≫

Suwa Shoten Rattsu Nuts
There’s magic in these nuts - once you pop, you seriously can’t stop. Comes in 3 flavours: serious coffee, creamy strawberry and grassy matcha. $8.00/cup

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